Lullwater Preserve

Right in the middle of Emory's campus, Lullwater Preserve offers acres of green space with trees, lawns and a lake for community members to enjoy. The estate is home to an English Tudor mansion where the university president lives.

Environmental Diversity

Get a sense of the area's environmental diversity by browsing the species names, compiled for Emory's 175th anniversary celebration in 2011.

Sources for this list include biology professor emeritus Don Shure, the Office of Sustainability Initiatives, and President Emeritus James W. Wagner, who saw the coyote in 2011. Species lists of amphibians and reptiles residing in Lullwater were compiled from biology class trips and research papers. Species lists of birds were compiled from biology class trips, individuals' visits and the Atlanta Audubon Society's list of birds' arrival/departure dates.

Bullfrog Dusky salamander
Eastern narrowmouth toad Northern red salamander
Fowler's toad Northern slimy salamander
Gray treefrog Red spotted newt
Green frog Southern redback salamander
Green treefrog Southern two-lined salamander
Northern cricket frog Spotted salamander
Southern leopard frog Spring salamander
Spring peeper frog Three-lined salamander
Upland chorus frog  
American coot Magnolia warbler
American redstart Nashville warbler
Bay-breasted warbler Orange-crowned warbler
Black and white warbler Orchard oriole
Black-billed cuckoo Ovenbird
Black-throated blue warbler Palm warbler
Black-throated green warbler Parula warbler
Blackburnian warbler Prairie warbler
Blackpoll warbler Prothonotary warbler
Blue grosbeak Rose-breasted grosbeak
Blue-winged teal Spotted sandpiper
Blue-winged warbler Swainson's thrush
Canada warbler Tennessee warbler
Cape May warbler Veery
Chestnut-sided warbler Wilson's warbler
Connecticut warbler Yellow warbler
Golden-winged warbler Yellow-billed cuckoo
Hooded merganser Yellow-throat warbler
Lesser scaup
Barn swallow Great-crested flycatcher
Blue-gray gnatcatcher Indigo bunting
Chimney swift Northern rough-winged swallow
Common nighthawk Red-eyed vireo
Common yellowthroat Ruby-throated hummingbird
Eastern kingbird Summer tanger
Eastern wood pewee White-eyed vireo
Great egret Wood thrush
Great heron Yellow-breasted chat
Cedar waxwings Ruby-crowned kinglet
Dark-eyed junco White-throated sparrow
Golden-crowned kinglet Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Pied-billed grebe

Birds: Year-Round Residents

American crow Great horned owl
American goldfinch Hairy woodpecker
American robin House finch
Barred owl House sparrow
Belted kingfisher Mallard duck
Bluejay Mockingbird
Brown thrasher Mourning dove
Brown-headed cowbird Northern flicker
Brown-headed nuthatch Northern mockingbird
Canada goose Pileated woodpecker
Cardinal Pine warbler
Carolina chickadee Red-bellied woodpecker
Carolina wren Red-headed woodpecker
Chipping sparrow Red-tailed hawk
Common grackle Red-winged blackbird
Downy woodpecker Rock dove
Eastern bluebird Screech owl
Eastern towhee Song sparrow
European starling Tufted titmouse
Field sparrow White-breasted nuthatch
Gray catbird Yellow-rumped warbler
Great blue heron
Beaver Mink
Coyote Muscrat
Domestic dog Norway rat
Dooley Opossum
Eastern chipmunk Raccoon
Eastern cottontail rabbit Red fox
Eastern gray squirrel River otter
Eastern mole Short-tailed shrew
Feral cat Southeastern shrew
Gray fox Southern flying squirrel
House mouse Striped skunk
Long-tailed weasel White-footed mouse
Meadow vole  
Broadhead skink lizard Queen snake
Five-lined skink lizard Rat snake
Fence lizard Rough green snake
Green anole lizard Southern ringneck snake
Ground skink lizard Water snake
Six-lined racerunner lizard Box turtle
Southeastern five-lined skink lizard Common musk turtle
Brown snake Common snapping turtle
Copperhead snake Eastern mud turtle
Eastern hognose snake Eastern painted turtle
Eastern kingsnake Gulf Coast spiny softshell turtle
Garter snake Red-eared slider turtle
Northern black racer Yellowbelly slider turtle