Jolley Residential Center | Bonnell, Dickey, Dowman, and Stone

Campus: Oxford

Namesake: Fleming L. Jolley 1943Ox 1947M | Presidents and faculty of Emory College

Date: Construction in 1950s | Renovation in 1995

Purpose: Residence hall

Four older residence halls were renovated into a unified building named for project benefactor Fleming L. Jolley, a neurosurgeon and professor in the School of Medicine until his retirement in 1979. 

The four residence halls in the complex were built in the 1950s and completed by 1961. They are named for:

  • John Fletcher Bonnell, who served on the faculty as professor of sciences from 1875 until Emory College moved to Atlanta in 1919
  • James Edward Dickey, 12th president of Emory and later a Methodist bishop
  • Charles E. Dowman 1873C, 11th president of Emory
  • Harry Harlan Stone 1880C, who taught mathematics beginning in 1881 and later served as librarian of Oxford until his death in 1932