Haygood-Hopkins Memorial Gateway

Campus: Druid Hills in Atlanta

Namesakes: Atticus Greene Haygood 1859C 1870H and Isaac Stiles Hopkins 1858C 1883H

Date: Construction in 1937

Purpose: Primary campus entrance gate

The Haygood-Hopkins Memorial Gateway was gift of Linton B. Robeson (1886C), an educational publisher who served for many years as president of the alumni association and as a trustee.

The structure honors two Emory College presidents of the 19th century:

  • Atticus Greene Haygood, who served as president from 1875 to 1884
  • Isaac Stiles Hopkins, who served from 1884 to 1888

The Emory College classmates both became Methodist ministers and played important roles in education after their Emory presidencies: Haygood as agent of the Slater Fund directing philanthropy to new colleges for African Americans, and Hopkins as the founding president of the Georgia Institute of Technology.