Gilbert and Thompson Halls Garden

Campus: Druid Hills in Atlanta

Namesakes: Ruel B. Gilbert and William D. Thompson 

Dates: Construction in 1947 | Demolished in 2007

Purpose: Green space

The ornamental arches in the Gilbert and Thompson Garden, located between the Atwood Chemistry Center and the Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies Building, once adorned the entries to two residence halls that were located nearby.

Ruel B. Gilbert Hall and William D. Thomson Hall were constructed in 1947.

Gilbert was a Methodist layman whose bequest was designated for construction of a dormitory for theology students.

Thomson (1895C) was an Atlanta attorney who served as a trustee of Emory, twice served as acting dean of the law school, and was for many years general counsel of the university.

When Gilbert and Thomson Halls were razed in 2007, the wrought-iron arched grills above their doorways were saved and now enhance the small garden.