The Quad

In 1914 ... seventy-five acres, known as the "old Guess place," about six miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, lay in pasture and heavy pine woods. Asa (Candler) had bought the property as part of a land development project with his partner, Joel Hurt. Druid Hills they called it -- a park-like residential area laid out by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, the designer of New York City's Central Park.

quadrangleThe plan of campus development was entrusted to Henry Hornbostel, the distinguished Pittsburgh architect, who had done work for the Coca-Cola Company. The idea of adopting an Italian Renaissance style with a generous employment of marble was proposed to Mr. Candler, who received it favorably and the erection of Theology and Law buildings was begun immediately. These were completed in 1916. Anatomy, Physiology and the first two floors of Chemistry, for the accommodation of the School of Medicine, followed in 1917. Two years later Physics completed the first major program. All these buildings were constructed with reinforced concrete shells with exterior finish of marble in shades of pink and gray. The idea of varicolored, "quilt pattern," marble veneering for exterior walls is said to have been Mr. Candler's.

Source: A Legacy of Heart and Mind