Amy Ray & Emily Saliers

Indigo Girls

Amy 1986C & Emily 1985C

Amy RayAccording to their 1989 hit about finding meaning in a world of uncertainty, "Closer To Fine," Amy Ray and Emily Saliers got their papers and they were free. That casual reference to their Emory diplomas aside, the duo known as the Indigo Girls always have kept their alma mater close at heart.

Ray and Saliers frequently return to campus to speak and perform; in September 2010, the Indigo Girls headlined the Emory Homecoming concert and played to a crowd of thousands on McDonough Field.

Emily SaliersTheir 1989 debut album won the duo a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album. Today, the Indigo Girls are lauded not just for the millions of albums they have sold but also for their tireless activism.