Christian P. Larsen

Founding Director, Emory Transplant Center; Chair of Surgery

1980C 1984M 1991MR

Christian P. LarsenAn internationally recognized leader in transplant surgery and immunology, Christian P. Larsen is the chair of the Department of Surgery in the School of Medicine and surgeon-in-chief of Emory University Hospital.

In 2001, he became the founding director of the Emory Transplant Center, working with more than two hundred physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and scientists to build one of the country's leading research and clinical transplantation programs.

An accomplished transplant surgeon, Larsen performed Georgia's first transplant of islet, a cluster of cells in the pancreas for producing insulin. He is also an active scientist, working with long-time collaborator Thomas Pearson, MD, to develop new types of immunosuppressive drugs.