Han Wan-Sang

Korean Educator; Political Activist

1964G 1967PhD 1999H

Han Wan-SangScholar and Korean public figure Han Wan-Sang served as president of Korea National Open University, a distance-learning institution he established in 1994. Han fought for democratic change in South Korea at a time when the country's government was still authoritarian.

In 1981, then Emory President James T. Laney brought him to the University as a visiting professor, in part to ensure his personal safety. Han returned to South Korea just as democratic social movements were starting take hold. He went on to serve as deputy prime minister for the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development and for the National Unification Board. He also served as president of Jangji University and Hansung University.

In late 2004 he was named president of the Korean National Red Cross where he served until retirement in 2007. He has since published two books on the growth of Christianity and megachurches in native country.