Cherry L. Emerson

Chemist; Philanthropist

1938C 1939G 1994H

Cherry L. EmersonA generous supporter of the arts and sciences at Emory, Cherry L. Emerson was involved in many academic and philanthropic endeavors.

He established the Cherry L. Emerson Center for Scientific Computation at Emory and endowed a chair in the Department of Chemistry. Cherry Logan Emerson Hall, which houses research programs in chemistry, is named for him. He endowed the Mary L. Emerson Chair of Piano Studies, and his devotion to the Donna and Marvin Schwartz Center for Performing Arts helped create the Cherry Logan Emerson Concert Hall.

A graduate of Emory College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Emerson cofounded and operated a chemical engineering firm for more than thirty years. His numerous patents ranged from a lightweight ceramic particle still used by NASA to an adhesive system for shoes.