Harrison F. Dillon and Jonathan S. Wolfson

Founders, Solazyme

Harrison 1993C and Jonathan 1993C

Classmates and friends since their college days, Harrison F. Dillon and Jonathan S. Wolfson founded an innovative biotech company, Solazyme, in 2003.

After Emory, Dillon, now president and chief technology officer of Solazyme, practiced law and held positions related to intellectual property law and technology licensing. He earned a JD from Duke University and a PhD in genetics from the University of Utah.

Wolfson, who is Solazyme's CEO, held a variety of positions in finance, business, and law before founding Solazyme, and he earned a law degree and an MBA from New York University.

Solazyme produces renewable fuel from algae and supplies it to the U.S. Navy. It also creates products for the chemical, nutritional, and skin- and personal-care markets.