Dan Costa, David Roemer, Ajay Pillarisetti and Vijay Makar

Founders, Campus MovieFest

Dan 2001B, David 2002B, Ajay 2003B 2007PH, and Vijay 2002B

Dan Costa (at left in photo), David Roemer (at right in photo)In 2001 four Emory College students arranged for Apple and Emory to provide fellow students everything they needed -- including camcorders and laptops -- to make movies in one week.

From that small beginning has grown Campus MovieFest (CMF), the world's largest student film festival and the stage for future filmmakers. CMF has worked with more than 350,000 college and university students around the world to offer technology and training to tell their stories through film. Founders Dan Costa (at left in photo), David Roemer (at right in photo), Ajay Pillarisetti, and Vijay Makar continue to expand every facet of CMF out of their home base in Decatur, Georgia.