Young John Allen

Missionary to China; Translator; Educator


Young John AllenYoung John Allen, whose Chinese name was Lin Lo-chih, was "consulted alike by officials, by revolutionaries, and by the common people," according to his biographer, Dr. Arthur H. Smith.

A student leader of revivals in Oxford during his time at Emory, Allen went to China as a missionary in 1860 and remained there until his death in 1907, with only periodic visits to the States. Allen published more than 250 books during his life, many of them translations of Christian works from English into Chinese, or of Chinese works into English.

While in Shanghai, he founded and edited the influential newspaper Wan Kwoh Kung Pao, or Review of the Times. He was president of the Anglo-Chinese University from 1885 to 1895. In 1911, four years after Allen's death, the 157-year-old Methodist congregation in Oxford moved from Old Church into Allen Memorial Church, named for the man whom many considered to be the greatest Methodist missionary of his day.